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Now Available: Automated Pro-to-Pro Matching

We've launched an 🤖 automatic pro-to-pro matching program for premium MO Pros members.

How does it work?

  • Edit your introduction preferences and choose how often you want new connections
  • The platform algorithm will match you for a 1:1 video meeting with another MO Pros member on your wavelength
  • Repeat to form new connections and build your connections with MO Pros
  • There are meeting topis to help you jump-start your conversation
  • You can also request up to 3 meetings with other members per month
Lead Scoring

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Dejan Blagaic
Marketing Operations Manager

Business is focused on Community. True Power of Social Media.

Social Media is currently in a very influential position for the overall business development plan. We all transparently see the growth of all channels, and we are not surprised - not at all. Business is focused on community and on all individuals that contribute within it.

Would you please take a moment of your precious time and read my latest article 📑 Business is focused on community—true Power of Social Media

I hope some of the mentioned insights and stats will galvanize your presence on LinkedIn.

Feel free to let me what your thoughts are 💬 and let's enrich th... (More)

Tech Stack
Dejan Blagaic
Marketing Operations Manager

Digital Competition Analysis - Competitive Intelligence

I would like to hear from you - my fellow MOPs w, what 3rd party platform or software do you prefer regarding Digital Competition Analysis - Competitive Intelligence oriented.

I am currently investigating and getting familiar with Klue. Their CI and tools are looking valuable.

I would like to hear if any of you had any previous experience with similar platforms?

Career Advice
Dejan Blagaic
Marketing Operations Manager

Massive Accelerators of Personal Growth

Hi, community enhancers,

I want to add one honest and hopefully insightful and helpful article that I recently published on LinkedIn. With almost 20 years in a business career, I think these fundamental personal guidelines will be a cornerstone for some early adopters and career developers.

I would be honored to hear your feedback and your thoughts.