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SMS Integrations with MAPs

Does anyone have an integration with a 3rd party SMS provider within their MAP (e.g. Marketo, Hubspot) that they would be willing to give me a quick demo of?

My company Telnyx is considering building an integration with Marketo to allow people to send SMS or do number lookups without having to use webhooks so I would like to do some benchmarking and see how other providers have these integrations set up and how people are using them.

Job Opportunities Shared in April

What fields are most critical to evaluate a prospect/lead?

I'm curious to know which properties on a lead/contact, company (or both) are most critical to your assessment of a prospect...

Do you have custom properties or use standard data like name, company size, email address etc?

I spoke to someone earlier who has some custom properties that then trigger custom lead scoring rules but these properties are typically captured on a BDR call.