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Christopher Hoell
Director of Marketing Operations

Does anybody have a contact in Sales at Marketo?

I've reached out to their sales teams a couple of times via the website a couple of times and nobody has responded to me. 

Sam Kovatovich
Senior Manager, Marketing Operations

Artificial Intelligence

Hello Mo Pros Community!

I just recently joined and I'm familiarizing myself with the site.  If I'm not posting this discussion question in the appropriate location, please feel free to course correct me.   Or if this topic has already been discussed, by all means please feel free to point me towards that thread.

I'm curious to hear if anyone is using AI, if there are preferred platforms/tools, success, pitfalls?

thank you,


Marketo program naming convention best practices?

I need some suggestions, please - what are the industry standard practices followed for Marketo program naming convention which might be helpful for reporting through API?

Deb Schleede
Director of Marketing Operations

Apple iOS 15 Email Changes & Removal of Open Tracking

Apple iOS 15 launching in September 2021 will allow users to turn off email open tracking (plus hide IP addresses, and hide their email address)

Has anyone started to think about workarounds for their "Open" tracking and automation usage?

I have generally used 'Email Open' for marketable person lists, success, email attribution, sales alerts, and to trigger nurture-stream transitions, etc. …

Are y’all switching triggers from “Opens Email” to “Clicks Link in Email” and dealing with the success rate drop-off? What other options exist? Marketo has an FAQ on impacts (below) but it doesn’t really mention... (More)