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Tech Stack

This is for discussions on integrations and other one-off marketing tools.

Sam Kovatovich
Senior Manager, Marketing Operations

Artificial Intelligence

Hello Mo Pros Community!

I just recently joined and I'm familiarizing myself with the site.  If I'm not posting this discussion question in the appropriate location, please feel free to course correct me.   Or if this topic has already been discussed, by all means please feel free to point me towards that thread.

I'm curious to hear if anyone is using AI, if there are preferred platforms/tools, success, pitfalls?

thank you,


Dejan Blagaic
Marketing Operations Manager
I found and downloaded this valuable piece of content (34 pages PDF ebook) that you might find helpful. It's all from Gartner for Marketers, and through survey data report, I saw many ongoing problems that Marketing Operations are frequently facing.

Please find below: Marketing Operations Survey - A Successful Function That Requires Change to Sustain.

P.s. Support community through collaboration and intellectual challenges. Knowledge is our essential engine.
Tech Stack
Dejan Blagaic
Marketing Operations Manager

Digital Competition Analysis - Competitive Intelligence

I would like to hear from you - my fellow MOPs w, what 3rd party platform or software do you prefer regarding Digital Competition Analysis - Competitive Intelligence oriented.

I am currently investigating and getting familiar with Klue. Their CI and tools are looking valuable.

I would like to hear if any of you had any previous experience with similar platforms?

Dejan Blagaic
Marketing Operations Manager

The Marketing OPS Skills Set

I found this valuable content by Frans Riemersma . It's Intellectually engaging and profoundly structured from a technical side. 👌🏻 

I am interested what is the community perspective on Marketing OPS PROs skills, especially about well-presented T-shaped marketing ops skills. 

I would love to raise awareness on every Marketing team, especially the Mkt Ops division, and to highlight its fundamental essence. 

Please join me in that quest.