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Marketo MO Pros
Marketo MO Pros
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Marc Sirkin
SVP Marketing & Technology

I'm baffled, maybe you can help

Ok.. help please.

The Marketo data model has me completely spun around.

Example 1:

  • user registers for a webinar and status is changed to registered. Let's even go as far as they attend and status changed to status.
  • When I look in the lead record, it's not possible to see which events this person has registered and/or attended - you can only see that data at the program level.
  • I lose my mind.

This same thing applies to newsletter subscriptions :

  • user subscribes to one of any number of newsletters
  • lead record is blissfully unaware of that subscription, only tracks... (More)

Happy Holidays to The MO Pros!

I'm about to sign off for the Christmas holiday, but I wanted to thank each of you for being there for each other this year! I'm really, really looking forward to 2021, but there were some really great things that happened in this community this year that we should acknowledge. 

So all the best to you and your families this year! I can't wait to see you in 2021! 


How does Marketo unanonymize leads synced from salesforce?

I have a lead who Marketo was able to bring in anonymous activity for prior to their becoming a person via salesforce sync. How was Marketo able to do this when this person did not have an email to associate with the SFDC lead coming in?

I understand that Marketo cookies leads and when they fill out a Marketo form and become a person Marketo can match their cookied, pre-form fill behavior with this new email and person that has been created. In this case however, I cannot see what Marketo is using to make the association.

Any thoughts?