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Pardot MO Pros
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ATTENTION: Pardot Removing GeoIP Auto-fill Data Feature

Pardot is removing the GeoIP Auto-fill data feature on December 14, 2020. This third-party feature automatically enriches prospect location data (city, state) based on the prospect’s IP address. In accordance with Salesforce policy and various privacy regulations, we can no longer partner with the current vendor to provide this feature.

In addition to existing Pardot accounts, all accounts and business units created on or after the effective change date of December 14, 2020, are included. The Auto-fill Prospect Location Data feature gets disabled automatically for all accounts with the feature turned on. New prospects don’t get Geo Location... (More)

Edit Header Content, CSS and Background Images In the WYSIWYG Editor

A question came in about Editing Landing Page Meta Data

Well this is an interesting issue - If you use a Pardot layout template (as you should). When you go to USE that template for multiple different campaigns - you're fairly locked out of a the base code. This can cause issues when trying to make 1-off code changes like title tags, background images, or css tweaks (think, oh I want a blue button, not red)

You can do this with <code> </code>

This will allow you to edit things in the head of the WYSWYG editor and exposes the... (More)

How you do handle social card images within your Pardot Landing Pages?

Since the social card is meta script that is within the Layout Template, we currently today have one image for all of our Landing Pages. However we would like to move towards customizing the image based on the Landing Page. However, I do not want to create a new Layout Template for every Landing Page (that just seems like way to much work), so I want to ask you all if you have any ideas on how to make it work.

One idea I did have was having some JavaScript that took our Hero image on the Landing Page and... (More)