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Marketing Technologist

Is there a point of view or decision tree for choosing Marketo over Adobe Campaign?

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Michael Hartmann
Michael Hartmann Ambassador

Interesting question @Jignesh . I don't hear about Adobe Campaign vs Marketo much, if at all. In fact, I really don't know much about Adobe Campaign. 

Is Adobe Campaign primarily for B2C organizations? 

I'm curious to see/hear what others say about this.

AJ Sedlak
AJ Sedlak

I don't know what your organization's needs are, but a couple of years ago (just before the Marketo acquisition was finalized), Adobe themselves recommended Marketo for Enterprise B2B.


You're right! I think it depends upon the use case or the buyer's journey. This is what I learnt!

If the use case is around buyer's journey, which requires considerate purchase, go for Marketo as it has all the nice features like nurture programs whereas if its impulse go for AC. Moreover, if its field or sales teams on the other side of the equation, go for Marketo. Digital ONLY sales could be a case for using AC. More importantly, the data storage & pricing is important consideration between choosing Marketo vs AC


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