Two weird things happened today that I've never seen before and I wonder if they're somehow related?

  1.  When I sent a test to my test list, I noticed all of the email content in my Outlook is italicized. We haven't changed the actual template in months and it renders correctly for everyone else's Outlook account. I checked the HTML/CSS and there's nothing that should be causing this. We render test as part of our normal process - nothing there either.
  2. This is the big one - we sent out an email to around 80,000 prospects today and did not change the subject line whatsoever. However, the real email that went out had "Proof - " at the beginning of the subject line as though we sent to a test list. Again, we did not add this and now we look bad.

Has something similar happened to anyone else? I can't seem to find anything on Twitter,, or anywhere else that would indicate others having the same issue. Thank you!