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Data and Analytics
Data and Analytics

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Dejan Blagaic
Marketing Operations Manager

Perfect supplementary engagement amplifier

Hello everyone,

Significant trends-related question: What social media channel do you see as a perfect supplementary engagement amplifier from a content distribution standpoint? We all need a constant and reliable news funnel, valuable industry trends flow, and professional connection as well.

Within this amazing community should be the 1st choice. But still, something more can't be harmful, especially when we know that Social Media is currently playing a vital role.

I am focusing on LinkedIn and Twitter primarily, but do you suggest any other platform that can be beneficial for us - Marketing ecosystem ''riders''.

I would like to hear... (More)

Dejan Blagaic
Marketing Operations Manager
I found and downloaded this valuable piece of content (34 pages PDF ebook) that you might find helpful. It's all from Gartner for Marketers, and through survey data report, I saw many ongoing problems that Marketing Operations are frequently facing.

Please find below: Marketing Operations Survey - A Successful Function That Requires Change to Sustain.

P.s. Support community through collaboration and intellectual challenges. Knowledge is our essential engine.

What are you favorite resources/templates for Marketing Ops?

During Summer Camp we all received some great advice and had wonderful discussions on marketing operations.

We also got some awesome templates from @Melissa McCready and others.

I'm curious what other templates you MO Pros use. Ideas/thoughts I had were:

  • Is there any "must-have" Google Sheets or Excel template?
  • What about project planning / scoping templates?
  • What about starters for big initiatives like MAP migration, lead scoring or ABM?
  • OR What about landing page or email templates that you know worked well - do you keep those?

Let's share some resources (obv keep your confidential stuff out) and help each... (More)

Damon Gudaitis
Fractional Analytics Manager
Canada has an update to their privacy laws in the pipeline. The new law, Bill C 11 the main part of which is the Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA), has only passed the first reading, so it is subject to change and may never pass. Some sections are in need of a lot of work, hello Automated Decision Systems. Having said that, there seems to be quite a cross-party appetite for updated privacy laws that prevent data from being used like it was by Cambridge Analytica. Here's the latest version of the bill: And here's an archive of debate... (More)