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Discussions on MAPs
Discussions on MAPs

This is a place to discuss any of the marketing automation platforms you're interested in. 

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What are the lifecycle stages in Marketo?

In HubSpot, there are pre-defined lifecycle stages that allow you to measure conversion rates from stage to stage with their reporting tools. 

I'm wondering (non-Marketo users here) what the lifecycle stages are in Marketo. 

Do you create them or are they pre-defined? What are all the stages? 

What are you favorite resources/templates for Marketing Ops?

During Summer Camp we all received some great advice and had wonderful discussions on marketing operations.

We also got some awesome templates from @Melissa McCready and others.

I'm curious what other templates you MO Pros use. Ideas/thoughts I had were:

  • Is there any "must-have" Google Sheets or Excel template?
  • What about project planning / scoping templates?
  • What about starters for big initiatives like MAP migration, lead scoring or ABM?
  • OR What about landing page or email templates that you know worked well - do you keep those?

Let's share some resources (obv keep your confidential stuff out) and help each... (More)

Marketing Technologist

Is there a point of view or decision tree for choosing Marketo over Adobe Campaign?

Choosing a lifecycle status for leads associated with an existing account

My company Telnyx is currently testing the Alingly lead 2 account matching tool in Salesforce and we are currently faced with the question of what lifecycle status do we put the converted leads in.


Examples of some of the questions we have at the moment are:

  • What if there is an opportunity on the account already?
  • What if this is an existing customer account?
  • Could we just move all leads to the status of the furthest lead in the account?

Has anyone faced similar questions before and can you share how you triage leads that are associated with existing accounts?