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If you're a MO Pro using (or have used/consulted with) HubSpot. Join this group!

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We are looking for a Hubspot consultant to do a small marketing automation project - would love to find an independent rather than an agency. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

Dejan Blagaic
Marketing Operations Manager

Team Resource Management (TRM)

Hi MO Pros,

I have a scale-up sweet problem, and I would sincerely appreciate your feedback. I am looking for a Team Resource Management (TRM) platform in a reasonable pricing range. ''We'' are operating in the Hubspot ecosystem, and I need a recommendation:

  •  The existing Hubspot feature? How successful and intuitive is it? I will highly appreciate some additional details. 
  • or, 3rd party platform and relevant information about it. 

Thank you in advance, I'm already in research mode, but I always seek community knowledge and experience by MO Pros. 

Anne Jackson
Marketing Operations Specialist

Time can be used as a negative, time since email opens, website views, etc. Or just time since creation.


We have an English-language-based product so Country could be used as a negative as well (We have a natural language processing tool so to get the full value of the features, our customer company, as well as their customers, need to be conversing in English.)

Itohan Ellis
Founder/Chief Ideologist
Hi Everyone, new to the community and the channel. I'm a HubSpot solutions provider and an automation nerd. Looking forward to having some interesting discussions, learning from all you Pros, and helping whenever I can :)