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Lead Scoring
Lead Scoring

How do you even begin to think about lead scoring?

We know how hot the topic of lead scoring is for marketing operations. 

That’s why we spun up this topic in our forum so we can keep the knowledge and questions accessible to all our members! 

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Dejan Blagaic
Marketing Operations Manager

It depends on the client database type. I am operating in the worldwide market with a longer product lifespan.  Client retention and repetitive business are not super frequent. Demographic scoring is not that important, and we are focusing on behavior. Especially in nurturing campaigns and customer delight stage aspects. 

Specific and very delicate industry. Imagine customer satisfaction sustaining, long-term re-awareness, and re-attraction. A lot of automation processes and well-structured SOPs are involved. Plus patience. But clients respect that and tremendously appreciate that long-term relationship.

Lead Scoring

How to build alignment with the sales team being asked to comply with new SLAs?

When implementing a tiered SLA based on high, medium, and low scored hand-raisers or MQLs (purposely using a vague threshold for each segment since that isn’t important), how has everyone found a way to align with (i.e. convince) sales to actually deliver results? 

Of course, proper training comes to mind, but what type of training has worked the best? If it isn’t training, what is it? Reminding (i.e. harassing) them daily and weekly for Leads/Accounts that are not in compliance with the SLAs, asking leadership to step in, something else?