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What are you favorite Marketing Ops Resources / Websites / Links?

Hey folks!

I'm crafting a community-driven blog post with Marketing Technology resources that you MO Pros feel are really valuable to help you do your job. 

These would be things like: 

What are your favorite resources? 

Brian Choongphol
Marketing Automation Manager

Two weird Pardot issues that happened today...

Two weird things happened today that I've never seen before and I wonder if they're somehow related?

  1. When I sent a test to my test list, I noticed all of the email content in my Outlook is italicized. We haven't changed the actual template in months and it renders correctly for everyone else's Outlook account. I checked the HTML/CSS and there's nothing that should be causing this. We render test as part of our normal process - nothing there either.
  2. This is the big one - we sent out an email to around 80,000 prospects today and did not change... (More)

Who's ready for an in-person event?

MO Pros - who's ready for a little in-person activity?

We're REALLY excited by the idea of bringing an intimate group of MO Pros together for Summer Camp THIS summer. 

If you're interested in making this happen with us, then we'll make it happen with you!!

Let us know if you're interested in joining us for Summer Camp 2021