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Feature Release: Shareable Link

Simple but powerful feature this week. The ability to share any run log with your extended team. Whether that be external consultants and agencies or internal teams like IT or WebDev. We wanted to make it easy to share the results of a test run without requiring login access for people you don’t want to have access to your Stack Moxie organization.

Like shareable Google docs, now on any run there’s a button to Share Run Log. You can either input the email addresses of where you want the log shared and we’ll send the email for you. Or copy... (More)

Feature Release: Published Values

Over the years we’ve seen it all. Many MO Pros are MAP admins, but not SFDC admins. A SalesOps colleague makes a hasty change to a picklist value without notifying MOPs. I would never realize until reporting was off weeks later, then waste an afternoon diagnosing the problem and trying to plug all the gaps.

When we started creating Stack Moxie’s Published Values feature, we did so to make it easier to test against a predefined set of standardized values. In the process, we realized that it was very easy to see when Salesforce Global Values changed and notify users... (More)

Feature Release - Slack Nofications

Feature Release - Slack Notifications. 

Keep your team  informed instantly about failures as they occur. Get the information directly to where everyone's already collaborating -- in Slack.

Stack Moxie's one-click connection to Slack is configured in seconds.  Scheduled Monitors will then post real-time alerts to the #moxified channel based on your Global Notification Settings. 

Your team can broadcast any test run to slack whether or not it was configured as a scheduled monitor. This lets your team work asynchronously to resolve channels as they arise. 

Step-by-step documentation is available on the help docs.

What questions do you have?

How many of you relate to this?

Here is a snippet from the blog post by Stack Moxie and I had to ask - how many MO Pros have been through this!?

It is a constant struggle – with trust and professionalism as the cost. The web team makes updates – they are changing some tag titles to improve SEO results. They check everything and all the tags are still firing! Release! Except the Marketing team uses the folder naming of the website to assign segmentations. And those segmentation are what gets the lead to the right division’s sales team.

  • Marketing Ops is like – “Web team... (More)