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@Leigh Oxley15 we list a series of external resources on the website. I would be happy to link to some that you think are useful too. At the end of the day we just want to be helpful to the members :) 

Where do you go when you have questions, want to learn, or need to connect and network (other than here, of course!)? We're building a list for our Highway Education students and want to hear it from the pros!

What fields are most critical to evaluate a prospect/lead?

I'm curious to know which properties on a lead/contact, company (or both) are most critical to your assessment of a prospect...

Do you have custom properties or use standard data like name, company size, email address etc?

I spoke to someone earlier who has some custom properties that then trigger custom lead scoring rules but these properties are typically captured on a BDR call.

@Leigh Oxley15 

It is so good to connect with you here. Remind me of the old Topliners days.

There are so many slack channels out there, you will have to find one that is specific to your need.

I find myself relying more on the Women in Revenue group for sales & content related questions and MO Pros Slack channel for topics related to marketing Operations and technology.

ICYMI, here's the very first recording from our MO Pros Strategy Resource Center on Scaling your Marketing Operations team! There are only so many hours in the day to complete a project, but if you can learn to scale effectively and create teamwork then your opportunities grow exponentially. That's easier said than done so when Alexandre Pelletier from Perkuto reached out with our latest MO Pros Ambassadors Nick Donaldson and Michael Kriegel about a framework to help scale, I wanted to learn more.